About Iris Recognition

“The iris is the coloured part of the eye which forms stable patterns that are able to be used to to identify people with extraordinary accuracy and speed. Why do we select iris recognition technology as our preferred biometric over other biometric technologies such as fingerprint, vein, facial and voice?

Accuracy and speed

  • Every iris on the planet is unique. A pair of identical twins has 4 unique irises.
  • Iris recognition technology uses 400 points of identification on each eye giving 800 potential matches
  • Fingerprint recognition technology uses 60 points of identification and is inherently inaccurate in comparison (see links below for more detailed information)
  • Methadone is a highly potent drug with a high risk of death in overdose and therefore the choice of iris recognition is simple
  • Iris identifications are able to be performed in a fraction of a second which provides outstanding levels of improved service delivery efficiency
  • Patient ID with low patient numbers <20 is often achieved with photo ID however with multiple Nurses or Pharmacists operating the dosing site not all patients are easily and unequivocally identified.


  • More hygenic
  • Non-invasive


  • idose™ uses a registered patent permitting the linking of any biometric to a daily dosing system
  • Licence provided by Pharmasea International Pty Ltd on application. Email enquires to info@pharmasea.org